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7 Must-Dos for a Successful E-mail Marketing Campaign

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We all try to get information through potential clients which we believe will be useful and beneficial to their business.

However, considering our busy schedule and extensive working hours, we tend to rarely reach a second paragraph of an email, especially coming from people we do not know.

Thus, it is understandable that often we delete the emails before we even get to the gist of it.

We are all trying to get more and bigger clients. However, we tend to get less responses then what we hoped for. Here are some tips on how to improve the response rate to our introduction letters.

Eliminate Over Selly Vocabulary

Make sure you do not sound like one more annoying advertisement. Although your product/service is great, do not use adjectives such as – “the best”, “incredible”, “partner”, “unique”, “all that you will ever need”, “the answer to all of your needs”.

Keep your message very simple

Keep your messages short and clear. They should not go over 90-100 words. Use 2 sentence paragraphs, to help your readers skim through it and yet understand the meaning.

Keep your writing clean – do not use colors and never include more than one link or attachment.

Keep the Goals in Mind

Like in a CV, it’s always better to contact a specific company and person with a specific business objective. Make sure you email clearly states why it is important for the recipient to talk to you. Relevance is essential.

Keep it in the present

Identify what is important to your prospect now and relate your message to that. This would imply that you need to be well aware of their industry, important developments in the global business world, and particular knowledge about the company.

Be irreplaceable

There may be many other companies which do the same as yours but there is no other which has you on board. In your email, make sure you focus on information and ideas which will help your prospect move forward with their business.

Pick the right subject line

The subject defines whether your email is opened immediately or it is put in the “For Later” folder. Be concise and direct. Focus on the business needs of your prospect and provide the answer directly.

Follow Up

Be prepared to get in touch between 8 and 12 times (email and phone) with the prospects you have contacted over a month to 6 weeks. Try to have each contact building on the previous one. Send links and resources important to the industry of your prospects to make sure you stay on top of their heads.


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