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Smartphone = Stressphone

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The smartphone is expected to serve faithfully to their owner and to keep them connected with the world non-stop. This would mean 24/7 the internet is only a click away and we are constantly caught in the web. A new research done by the University of Worcester demonstrates that this certainly does no favors to our nervous system.

The respondents of the survey state that the constant need to check if they have new messages drove them to assume that their phone is notifying them even in the rare occasions it was actually quiet.

Most participants in the survey, and by the way most users in general, started using smartphones to remain up to date with the latest technologies as well as to be able to respond to the growing and evolving professional requirements and responsibilities. However, things are getting out of hand – they have started to feel obliged to answer emails 24/7, follow up Tweets and monitor their Facebook timeline.

Most companies are genuinely worried about this tendency as it directly affects the mental stability of their employees and have already taken measures. Volkswagen, for example, turns off the BlackBerry mail server after working hours, so that its employees can successfully recover from a hard day of work without being distracted by the blinking and buzzing of incoming messages on the smartphone.
What do you think? Has your smartphone been a weight or a relief?


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