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Smartphone = Stressphone

The smartphone is expected to serve faithfully to their owner and to keep them connected with the world non-stop. This would mean 24/7 the internet is only a click away and we are constantly caught in the web. A new research done by the University of Worcester demonstrates that this certainly does no favors to our nervous system.



Are you ready for 2012

At the end of a year we all take time to reflext on what has gone well and what could have gone better both personally and in business. This is the time that many look back at the year and promise that “Next year we will be:” (más…)

7 Must-Dos for a Successful E-mail Marketing Campaign

We all try to get information through potential clients which we believe will be useful and beneficial to their business.

However, considering our busy schedule and extensive working hours, we tend to rarely reach a second paragraph of an email, especially coming from people we do not know. (más…)

5 tendencias de Marketing Online para 2012

We are all getting ready for 2012 and more and more social media experts make predictions about what social media will look like next year.

Here is what we think that businesses should pay special attention to with regards to online marketing and social media. (más…)

Facebook Enters Academia

We have all heard the famous 6 Degrees of Separation theory. Is it possible that Facebook and modern society changes what has been assumed as true for the past almost hundred years? (más…)